With over 10 years of experience operating expedition and small ship cruises around the world, Overseas Consulting Services offers a full spectrum of advisory and support services to support the marine operations of your small ship cruising business.


Operations Advisory and Consulting

With expertise in expedition and hotel operations, administrative management of small ships, negotiating charter contracts and working with ship owners, budget development and management of expenses and purchasing we are able to assist your operation from fulfilling a specific function to full management of the operations. Below is a sample of services offer for more information please: Contact Us.

Expedition and Hotel Operations

  • Recruiting, hiring and administration of marine crew and expedition staff 
  • Sourcing and purchasing of specialized expedition, hotel equipment and supplies and provisions
  • Budget development and financial management of expedition and hotel operations
  • Itinerary development, planning and execution of marine trips anywhere on the globe
  • Local permitting including Antarctic permit application 
  • Local agency designation and shore excursion planning
  • Execution and planning of specialized operations and training for working in polar waters

Vessel Operations Services

  • Port agency and supplier selections in destinations around the world
  • Crewing assistance including selection, development and contracting
  • Ship inspections and suitability reports
  • Duty as Owners Representative: Including supervision of dry dock and repairs
  • Advising on operations in polar waters for expedition style cruising including zodiac operations, polar water operations
  • Vessel budget development and management